IT Infrastructure Management


Server Monitoring, Maintenance and Administration

We have certified and experienced team with expertise on Linux Server, Windows Server, Web Servers, Anti-Virus, Firewalls etc.

Database Management and Administration

We are experts in capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery.


End User Management, Administration and Support

We support end-user management by creating tools and systems to monitor user rights and permission. We also provide support at each user level to take all your pain away.

Networking Support

We maintain your existing corporate network and also help you create a new network for your organization. Our team can be at your premises, or manage your network remotely.


24/7 Technical Help Desk

We have a trained team of technicians and subject matter experts. We also offer you a great scalability to quickly ramp up the technical teams for you.

IT Compliance Services

Our IT compliance services are designed to aid businesses in ensuring their technology infrastructure meets regulatory standards, on both a national and industry-specific level.


Data Security

We protect your data from unauthorized access and corruption throughout its life cycle. We ensure data encryption, hashing, tokenization and key process standardization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our data back-up and disaster recovery functions work cohesively to ensure the continuity of your business. We create automatic back-ups to keep you and your business secure.


IT infrastructure has become very important to all enterprises across the globe. Changing market situations and constant innovations in IT sector propel the organizations to keep their IT infrastructure always available, well-maintained and up-to-date. However, Managing IT infrastructure on their own has proven to be very difficult and expensive for many organizations worldwide.

Remote Outsourcing of IT Infrastructure Management Services benefits the organizations beyond the obvious cost savings. This adds to the operational efficiency, agility, scalability, sustainability and growth of an organization.

Zvalues Offshore Outsourcing Solutions is a leading Remote IT Infrastructure Service Provider in India. Our technical team is highly qualified, vastly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable to take full responsibility of your IT infrastructure across the globe. We have successfully delivered end-to-end offshore IT solutions for our prestigious clients worldwide, we are available round the clock i.e. 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/week, 365 days/year. We are adaptable and responsive in our approach, and have been highly successful with all business types.Zvalues Offshore Outsourcing Solutions’ Remote Managed Services (RMS) manages and maintains the all critical IT services and offers you an absolute certainty.